Digital Docs, Inc.

Digital Docs specializes in meeting the technological, compliance, and documentation requirements of the financial and banking industries. We understand the importance of being able to process "any loan, any form, any field" off one document database while accurately updating the system of record. Regulatory compliance and risk analysis is at the core of our business.

About Us

Digital Docs is a Dallas-based financial services compliance and technology provider offering web-based solutions to meet the demands of the mortgage industry.

Digital Docs responds rapidly to competitive market pressures to constantly anticipate and implement process improvement. Responsive reaction to changes in products, pricing, and business rules is in the best financial interest of the company. Digital Docs' core philosophy is that the efficient aggregation of forms facilitates the effective aggregation of data.

Digital Docs Inc. is an outgrowth of a document preparation and compliance operation that started in 1984 as the law firm Peirson and Associates. In time, the algorithms used by what became PeirsonPatterson LLP were licensed to Digital Delivery Inc., to make the software available as a stand alone product.